Why bag-in-box wine?

Just take a look at the smartest and unbeatable



No CORKSCREW needed (means also no cork oak trees exploitation)

Pour your daily glass of wine and enjoy it WITHOUT THE PRESSURE OF HAVING TO FINISH THE BOTTLE

Relax and enjoy your BBQ and DON’T PANIC when unexpected guest arrive… you’ll NEVER RUN OUT of WINE with our ‘boxes’ that go from 3  to 10 litre!


WON’T BREAK, even if it falls from meters

Wish to COOL DOWN your wine, just open the box and insert an iced gel pack

3 LITRES means 4 BOTTLES: always divide into 4 the Box’s cost and judge yourself the right VALUE/PRICE proportion

Our wine has NO ADDED SULPHITES also thanks to the UNDER VAACUM process and when properly stored (far from any heat source) it will LAST FOR 6+ WEEKS from your first glass!

THE SMALLEST EVER CARBON FOOTPRINT ON EARTH: an empty 3 litre Bag in Box is around 220g – 4 empty glass bottles are around 2.200kg: if you’re a real Earth Lovers and Defender don’t you FEEL A BIT GUILTY buying a daily wine in a glass bottle?



Could anybody need more reasons to choose a Vegan Bag in Box Wine?