our wines are 100% vegan

We are proud to be the exclusive United Kingdom importers and distributors of these outstanding fine wines.

We are particularly delighted that our 100% vegan wines are the only certified BioVegan Fine Wine that comes in a Box that are ready to meet and satisfy the vegan (and non-vegan) wine-lovers among us who are keen to avoid the many environmental issues caused by the use of glass bottles.

Our boxes contains Red, White and Rosé wines, all of wine coming from a single vineyard – 120ha located in North-West Italy across the border between Piedmont and Lombardy – that has produced amazing fully natural wines since 1823.


All our wines are the ultimate result of a spontaneus fermentation

(that means NO selected yeast are used) and NO Sulphites are added.



but all wine are vegan, right? ops not really!

Wine. It’s just grapes, right? We’re afraid not. There’s a lot that goes into modern winemaking, both in the form of ingredients and processing. If you’re questioning why wine might not be vegan, here are some of the animal products that often make into wine.



The clear goopy liquid in eggs. This is used in the ‘fining’ process which basically removes sediments from the wine.


Similarly named but actually a particular protein found in dried blood and eggs.


Crushed scales from the cochineal insect which provides a red colouring.

Casein & Lactose

A pair of milk proteins used in the fining process.


Made from crab and lobster shells to remove sediment from white wine.


From cow and pig bones, used as a stabiliser and clarification agent.


Made from fish bladders and used in the fining process.


Often obtained from charred animal bones for filtering wines.


You don’t have to be vegan to find fish bladders, charred bones, and dried blood in your wine a bit gross.

That’s why theVegWays makes the perfect wine for anyone.

Time to try vegan wine?


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