Bag-in-Box Vegan Wines

theVegWays is the exclusive agent and distributor for an amazing set of organic fine Italian vegan wines and is proudly happy to present this wine to the UK market.

The only real certified Organic & Vegan Fine Wines that comes in a box are now ready to meet and satisfy the Vegan and non-Vegan wine-lovers avoiding all the problems of a glass-bottle: easy to carry, easy to store, not breakable and moreover you’ll never get frustrated anymore when you're without a corkscrew.

These boxes contain Red, White and Rosé precious Fine Wines that come from a single sustainable and ethical winery - it is 120 hectares and located in the North-West of Italy across the border between Piedmont and Lombardy - they have been producing great and organic wines since 1823.

  • The Red Wine is a blend of three different grapes variety:
    50% Croatina, 30% Barbera and 20% Pinot Nero
  • The White Wine is a blend of three different grapes variety:
    50% Pinot Grigio, 30% Riesling and 20% Favorita (also called Vermentino)
  • The Rosé Wine is a pure 100% Barbera grapes variety

Our wines come from a spontaneus fermentation (NO selected yeast are used) and are micro-filtered in order to avoid the SO2 usage (NO sulphites are added). They are entirely vegan wines and free from animal products, both in the wine and in the process of fining.

3 litres = 4 bottles of wine

3 litre vegan bag-in-box wine

5 litres = 6.66 bottles of wine

5 litre vegan bag in box wine

10 litres = 13.3 bottles

10 litres bag in box vegan wine