Our Mission

theVegWays is a small Italian company based in the United Kingdom that is completely and utterly committed to bringing the best of ‘free from’ wine ‘n’ food from Italy to Britain’s rapidly growing vegan community.

theVegWays believes that great ‘plant-based’ Italian produce can, and should, only be farmed in a vegan-friendly way.

We are the first, and currently only, company in the UK that sources and sells exclusively Italian vegan products. Proud to deliver the finest wine ‘n’ food to environmentally-conscious epicureans, all of our products have been ethically made and are 100% sustainable, organic, and vegan.

However, our products are not just for dedicated vegans! We will make our wine ‘n’ food available to anyone who has even the slightest interest in a ‘free from’ and ‘plant-based’ diet and life, including vegetarians and those who simply want to lower their carbon footprint. theVegWays strongly believes in a holistic approach that starts with a deep respect for Mother Nature and culminates with enjoying the full range of its delicious, ethically-made and vegan wine ‘n’ food.