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We sell vegan, organic Italian wine, exclusively sourced for a premium vineyard in Italy.

 Italian wine has a strong heritage of being the best in the world. A history of viticulture that dates back to the Roman Empire and a climate that's practically designed for growing wine grapes such as the fruity Croatina and rich Barbera.

theVegWays are passionate about wine and passionate about veganism. That's why we've partnered with the esteemed wine experts, the Rossi family, and their Tenuta Fornace vineyard. With two centuries of expertise in making ethical and sustainable wines, we're proud to be their exclusive partners in the UK market. We're bring high quality, vegan, and organic wines to you in a bag-in-box format.


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Vegan Italian Wine
Find out more about range of quality vegan Italian wines

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Ethical Vineyard
Read about our exclusive partnership with Italy's best vineyard

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Why is wine not always vegan?
A range of ingredients and issues can make wine not suitable for vegans.

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Vegan Italian Food coming soon...

theVegWays will be bringing the tasty of Italy to the UK.

 Coming soon, we will be bringing some great Italian vegan products to the UK market. We'll be working in partnership with a number of fantastic suppliers and businesses in Italy to bring the a range of specialist foods and staples of the cuisine to the UK.

Are you vegan and love Italian food? Look out for our new products soon.

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